Affordable Plans for Organisations of all Sizes

Our pricing is extremely competitive, with plans to suit all organisations. We’re happy to share our pricing with you right here – no need to worry about having to sit through a long sales demonstration before we’re prepared to share.

Showing Annual Billing Plans

*Single Sign On and Bespoke Theming are optional extras which require an additional 1-time set up fee. The costs varies depending on requirements, but is typically around £1,490.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing is exactly as stated above. There are no hidden ‘gotchas’ – just straightforward, transparent pricing plans.

Which plan is right for me?

The most important thing to consider is the number of users you expect to access the platform. The amount of storage space provided is intended to ensure you will have enough to support a platform that caters for the number of users specified.

What counts as a user?

A user is anyone who logs in to your site within the last rolling 1-year period. So if your organisation has 550 employees, but you know that fewer than 500 will log in each year, you’ll be OK with the Nestling plan, as you wouldn’t exceed 500 users in a 1 year period.

What if I need more than 10,000 users?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will discuss your requirements further and arrange a quote. This isn’t because we want to hide our pricing – it’s because an organisation of this size is likely to have a number of other bespoke considerations which may impact the cost.

What is 'Single Sign On Support'?

Single Sign On, or SSO, allows your users to log in to Nest using your organisation’s existing identity provider service, such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This means your users will be signed straight in, without needing to enter a username and password.

This requires a compatible Identity Provider service to be in place for Nest to integrate with. If this is required, Nest will work with your IT department to configure this.

What is 'Bespoke Theming'?

Bespoke theming allows your Nest to have its look and feel completely customised to fit your organisational branding. All of our plans allow you to customise your branding by setting core colours and using your own logo. Bespoke theming takes this a step further, making all aspects of the look and feel completely customisable.

What is 'Custom Domain'?

Normally, Nest LMS platforms are accessed via an address like – this is called a subdomain. A custom domain allows us to set the domain of your Nest LMS platform anywhere on the internet, for example, or

If we’re purchasing a brand new domain for you, Nest can manage this whole process. If we’re working with a domain already owned by your company, we’ll need to work with your IT department, specifically whoever owns and manages your domains, to configure this.


What if I need to change my plan later?

That’s absolutely fine, just contact us and we’ll be able to change your plan.

Still have questions?

"Traditional LMS providers have priced out smaller organisations and startups. We are determined to provide pricing that works for companies of all sizes."

– Nest Learning Ltd

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